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Genocidal Canadian Settler State. #MMIW

It cost C$92m ($67m; £53m), and heard from more than 2,000 witnesses since 2017 - including survivors of violence and family members. It was a Report that has been a lomg time coming, and Yet, Evidence has already shown that Most Canadians , Especially Conservatives, but also Liberals, do not want to be seen as Benefiting from this Genocide. 

Since The First Missionnaries Landed on the Eastern Shore of the "Fleuve St Laurent" ( The St Lawrence River), this is exactly what has been happening. Genocide. Say the Word. 

The United Nations Genocide Convention, which was established in 1948, defines genocide as "acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnic, racial or religious group", including the systematic harm or killing of its members, deliberately imposing living conditions that seek to "bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part", preventing births, or forcibly transferring children out of the group to another group.

This is What Canada has been doing. Sir John A Macdonald made his Plan Clear: Kill the Indian, Save the Man. And thats what he set out to do. When Expanding West for a Railroad, He ordered the Slaughter of Bison to Starve Cree and Blackfoot off the Land, and Force them into small parcels of Land , and into a state of Perpetual Dependence. He ordered they be provided scant Rations including Moldy Flour. Many died. Many Died. Generations were lost. 

Then came Indian Residential Schools. Children were Taken from their Mothers at 5 years old and Hidden away from their Families so They could be Forcefully assimilated. This included Medical experiments, Abuse, Torture, Rape, Beatings. And Many Died. If First Nations girls became Pregnant from the Rapes, the babies were Taken at Birth and Tossed in Mass Graves. 

Then came the Sixties scoop. Children were taken at birth from First Nations Mothers BECAUSE they were Native. They were placed with Non Native families and Raised outside their Birth Culture. Never learned their own Language. Cultures Died. 

Then came Forced Sterilizations. First Nations women couldn't even See their New born children unless they agreed to be sterilized. 

  1. These Systems still happen today. And for all his Smiling selfies Prime Minister Justin Trudeau wont Say the word Genocide. Wont AbolishThunderinWapitiCriminalize Forced Sterilizations, Wont End The Scoop and assimilate Programs. Wont Lift the 2% Spending Cap that Keeps First Nations Peoples in Poverty and dependence. 

There is a lot of Hand wringing going on. Alot of Pearl Clutching. A lot of Non Natives who refuse to accept that they benefit from it all. We even have Former Indigenous Affairs Ministers from the Harper Era going into Genocide Denial. We have Jon Kay heading into Genocide Denial. A whole mess of Fake accounts and Trolls have been at our throats spreading the usual Cognitive Dissonance to "Shut us up". Weve all heard the Crap. We Have Infamous Twitter Troll Michele A Tittler on Twitter as Early as a Few minutes after the Report was Released, Calling Natives Extortionists. Blaming Native on Native Murders for All #MMIW. Then there is Disgraced Retired Winnipeg Cop Tom Anderson as well, Blaming Native Women and Girls for Their Own Deaths, Saying "Maybe if they had fathers theyd be alive, but their mothers were Wh*res". And he was a COP. We Have Journalists Refusing to Accept that the Politicians they admire most Could ever be complicit in Genocide. Justin Trudeau, Harper, Chretien Mulroney, Bourassa, Pierre Elliott Trudeau and So on have ALL Participated and Benefited From Genocide. 

In 1969 Pierre Trudeau Introduced the White Paper of Indigenous Assimilation. It was Loudly Decried as Cultural Genocide. He wanted Reserves Municipalized and Natives to Lose our Entire Distinct Status and be " Just Canadians". UBCIC ( The Union of BC Indian Chiefs) Penned a Response: The Brown Paper, That REJECTED white Paper, and Reaffirmed the Two Row Wampum Treaty of Parallel Self Governance, Self Determination, Indigenous Distinct Status Within Canada, and Treaty Rights and Title. Jean Chretien was in Trudeaus Cabinet and when he was elected, Tried to Continue it. 

When Harper was Elected, He Converted the Indian Moneys Trust NINETEEN TRILLION INCLUDING INTEREST to General Revenues and has been Building Canada with First Nations Money. He and Now Trudeau Refer to it as the "Infrastructure Bank", while Not even mentioning the Trust, all while Budgeting 2% of the Annual Budget to Funding Constitutionally required assistance to First Nations Communities. Trudeau has been found in Violation of the Human Rights Tribunal Ruling on Jordan's Principle. Has not Impelmented all of the TRC Calls to Action, is stripping down #UNDRIP and Now, will likely Pose for the Camera as he once again, Refuses to do anything Substantive to Resolve the over 5000 #MMIWG files. 

  1. Well, Im not Sorry to Say, Canada is an Illigitimate Settler State , Founded on the Blood of our Ancestors, on the Deaths of First Nations women and Girls. 

A Main Example of Genocide has been Identified as the #MMIW crisis ( Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls). And it is True. Sisters, Mothers, Daughters, Nieces, Grandmothers are being Targeted because They are First Nations women and Girls, because those Targeting them see them as Disposible, and Believe their Bodies are OWED TO THEM along with Anything else they want to take. Ive seen it, Having Lived in Alberta. In Calgary and Edmonton. Proud "Rig Pigs" Boasting about all the "Native Poon" ( I shudder when they say that) that Awaits their trips to the Oil Rigs. While they leave their Spouses and Kids at home to Make money in Oil and Gas. Weve Had Willie Picton and his Pig Farm in BC. WE have the Highway of Tears in BC where #MMIWG have gone Missing or Died. 

And I have my Own personal Experiences. A Murdered Great Aunt in 1934 that wasnt Counted, And Her Mother and Sister in 1936 as well. No one prosecuted. 

Then there are Boil Water Advisories, Ahem: Grassy Narrows as well. There are the Man Camps accompanying Oil and Gas projects, Which lead to Women and Girls being Sexually Exploited, Raped and Tossed away like Garbage. This is Race Based Genocide. 

We all Know a victim of the #MMIW crisis. I retweet Missing Posters often. Look at @DelSchilling Twitter feed. Daily she Asks for #MMIW to be Talked about. We all want Solutions. Canada, Canadians, Media, Police, Schools - All Complicit in keeping the Evidence Under Wraps, Hidden from everyone. Genocide: Its Canada's Dirty BIG secret.  

It is Genocide
Cultural Genocide
Systematic Genocide
Race Based Genocide
And because Canadian Government Encourages it: DEMOCIDE

The Only way this will change is if we keep Calling it what it is and keep holding Feet to the Fire. First Nations and Allies alike.

And Help eachother Battle the Genocide Deniers and Apologists.

And Get Loud.

Im on Twitter aténa:ti


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